Here are just a few ways drirelease® with FreshGuard keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable:

  • Dries 4x faster than cotton and keeps you dry
  • Soft and natural to the touch
  • Wicking qualities won't wash out
  • Resists pilling and wrinkling
  • Won't discolor with perspiration; no embarrassing underarm stains
  • No annoying static cling; great for layering
  • Virtually neutralizes odor
  • Environmentally friendly without harmful chemicals


Our Materials


Sport dri-release® material is a mid-weight fabric with superb  breathability and flexibility.


Ultralite dri-release® material is an extremely light-weight with the same flexibility of our Sport and Classic    dri-release® material, but thinner and with increased breathability. Excellent for warm environments.


Classic dri-release® material is a mid-weight fabric blending the flexibility and breathability of our Sport dri-release® material with the classic look of cotton scrubs...... only better!