Why Do You Have To Wear Scrubs

Scrubs are the standard medical uniform. Many people wonder why people have to wear this type of uniform. There are several reasons that healthcare professionals wear scrubs.

Barrier Protection

Healthcare workers are exposed to several different contaminants. This includes saliva, stool, blood, urine and vomit. These bodily fluids often end up on one's clothing. One of the reasons that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are required to wear scrubs is to to act as a protective barrier. This keeps our healthcare providers safe, so that they can keep our loved ones healthy.

Protect Patients

Not only do the scrubs protect healthcare workers, but they also protect the patients. Because many patients who go to the hospital or a clinic are seriously ill, special measures have to be taken to prevent the spread of infections. Wearing scrubs is one way in which healthcare workers can protect patients.

Easy Accessibility

Healthcare workers have to carry a lot of supplies with them including gloves, IV caps, bandages, writing utensils, swabs, scissors smartphones and notepads. Scrubs make it easier for healthcare workers to carry the supplies that they need because they have a lot of pocket space (check out our NEW Titan Cargo Pants!).

Identification of Healthcare Specialties

More often nowadays, the scrub color that one is required to wear often indicates the area of medicine in which that person works. These colors act as identifiers to other healthcare workers and patients. Scrubs make it easier to identify doctors, nurses, therapists, medical technologists, and other healthcare workers. They may also wear different color scrubs based on the department that they work in such as radiology, the ICU, the ER, respiratory therapy, etc.


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What Kind of Fabric Is Used For Scrubs

Medical uniforms have changed drastically over the last 100 years. Surgical staff were the first people to wear scrubs. Scrubs got their name because surgeons work in a very clean, scrubbed environment. Surgeons wore white medical scrubs in the 1940s. Their surroundings were white, and the lighting was bright. All of that brightness bothered the surgical staff, so the color of surgical scrubs was changed to green.

Typical Nurse Scrub Uniforms

The typical nurse uniform used to be a starched white dress, stockings, shoes, and cap until the mid-20th century. Now nurses and almost all hospital staff work in comfortable scrubs as their medical uniform. Some hospitals require nurses to wear a solid color scrub in a particular color as their nursing uniform, so that they can be recognizable as nurses.

Medical facilities commonly provide scrubs for their workers, but sometimes medical personnel are allowed to buy scrubs for use at work. Commonly found scrubs are lightweight, durable ones with short sleeves and drawstring pants.

Scrubs Provide More Purpose

Scrubs serve more purpose than to just be comfortable, easy-to-wash and dry work wear that is cheap and protects one’s personal clothing. Scrubs enable particular bodily fluids and other contaminants to be identified. They can withstand the high-temperature washing machines that hospitals use, which provides a level of cleanliness that protects the hospital employees, the patients, and the visitors. Scrubs also have pockets for carrying all sorts of medical supplies.

Titan Scrubs continues the trend of improving health care work attire through the creation of high-performance fabrics the company uses to make their scrubs. Their scrubs are made without any harmful chemicals, which makes them environmentally friendly.

DriRelease Materials

Key to the high performance of Titan Scrubs is the drirelease materials they create. Titan Scrubs makes scrub material that is made with between 85 and 90% synthetic, “water hating” fibers and between 10 and 15% natural, “water loving” fibers. This unusual fabric blend soaks up your body’s sweat and pushes it outward for quick evaporation, keeping you dry. The wicking feature of drirelease fabric is permanent because the moisture transport system comes from actually building it into the fibers rather than from treating the material with a chemical that eventually washes out.

An environmentally friendly fabric odor neutralizer called FreshGuard blocks body oils that create odor from attaching to the fabrics. This treatment is also built into the fibers of Titan Scrub fabrics.

The result of Titan Scrub's advanced textile technology is comfortable scrubs that also keep you smelling clean and looking smart throughout your busy day because they:

  • Wick away moisture from your body
  • Dry four times faster than cotton scrubs do
  • Stretch with your movements
  • Resist wrinkling
  • Resist pilling
  • Resist static cling
  • Won’t stain anywhere or discolor under your arms from perspiration
  • Neutralize odor
  • Are soft

For your improved comfort, Titan Scrubs offers all of these benefits in three types of fabric. These three fabrics are called Sport, Ultralite, and Classic.

Sport - The Sport fabric is a mid-weight option that stretches and breathes.

Ultralite – The Ultralite fabric is thin and extremely light-weighted, which makes it a good choice for working in warm areas or hot climates. It also stretches and breathes.

Classic - The Classic fabric is a breathable mid-weight choice that breathes, and looks like a smarter version of common cotton scrubs. It stretches as well, whereas common cotton scrubs do not.

Titan Scrubs also improved the fit and style in the scrub selections they offer. Scrubs are offered in either unisex or female contour cuts. Color options include olive green, grey, pink, sky, royal, navy, or black.

What do your scrubs do for you? Be a trendsetter, and try Titan Scrubs today.